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Baidu holds meet to explore greater use of AI in education

Several hundred educational professionals, including officials, university presidents and representatives from educational organizations gathered at the 2017 Baidu Education Event held in Beijing on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of boosting innovation in education using artificial intelligence.

Education is one of the key areas where Baidu, the annual event’s organizer, is striving to use AI, said Zhang Yaqin, the president of the Chinese tech giant, in hi speech. Continue reading “Baidu holds meet to explore greater use of AI in education” »

iFlytek boosts use of AI in healthcare sector

The digital-age marriage of business with high-tech is helping improve services in China’s healthcare sector. A shining example is the Anhui Provincial Hospital of Central China.

Doctors there are well served by a smart, well-qualified assistant. ‘She’ records patients’ symptoms, reviews computerized tomography scan images and makes initial diagnosis. Only, she is not human but a robot that runs on artificial intelligence. Continue reading “iFlytek boosts use of AI in healthcare sector” »

China’s first AI-based TCM clinic opens in Wuzhen

China’s first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic based on an artificial intelligence (AI) diagnosis system opened in Zhejiang Province on Saturday, November 25, 2017, zjol.com.cn reported.

Using AI technology containing a large number of clinical cases from experienced TCM practitioners, the 4,500-square-meter clinic in the historic town of Wuzhen is the first of its kind in China.
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