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Alibaba and Ford in potential partnership

Alibaba and Ford could launch a partnership that could change the way we buy cars.

Alibaba, China’s online megastore, has already made efforts to combine e-commerce and car sales.


The company has, for example, proposed an auto vending machine, which would see all manner of vehicles available to buy at the touch of a button. Finance and insurance for these cars could be arranged at the vending machine, meaning that the process of buying a new vehicle could be cut from several weeks to several minutes. Continue reading “Alibaba and Ford in potential partnership” »

Jack Ma to invest $15 million in selecting teachers for rural areas

Alibaba’s CEO Jack Ma is planning to invest at least 300 million yuan (about 15 million U.S. dollars) in 10 years in selecting excellent graduates to serve as rural teachers, thepaper.cn has reported, citing a rural graduates program set up by the Jack Ma Foundation.

Jack Ma, who calls himself “the spokesperson for rural teachers,” claimed that the more prominent rural teachers are, the stronger rural education will be. “Aging teaching staff and outdated knowledge structure are the fundamental problems leading to poor rural education. We might find a breakthrough in China’s educational reform by starting with rural education so as to further alleviate education-related poverty,” added Jack Ma. Continue reading “Jack Ma to invest $15 million in selecting teachers for rural areas” »

Alibaba faces renewed lawsuit over stock market launch

A US appeals court has revived a lawsuit that accuses Alibaba Group Holding Ltd of cheating shareholders by withholding information shortly before going public in 2014.

The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled 3-0 that a lower court judge erred in dismissing claims by holders of Alibaba’s American Depositary Shares and ADS call options against Alibaba, executive chairman Jack Ma and others. Continue reading “Alibaba faces renewed lawsuit over stock market launch” »

Alibaba inks smart car deal with Ford

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd announced on Thursday that it has made a solid step forward in smart vehicle development through a partnership with US auto giant Ford Motor Co.

Under a three-year agreement, the duo will explore opportunities in internet-connected cars, artificial intelligence and mobile services, as well as digital marketing.

Both sides will conduct a pilot study to explore “new retail” opportunities, or the seamless integration of online and offline shopping, at various stages of the automotive ownership cycle, from pre-sales to test drives to financial leasing options, according to a statement from Alibaba. Continue reading “Alibaba inks smart car deal with Ford” »

Alibaba to invest 10 bln yuan in poverty elimination project

Alibaba’s executive chairman Jack Ma announced that his company will invest 10 billion yuan (1.5 billion USD) in a poverty elimination project, aiming to help poverty-stricken rural residents to shake off poverty.

The relief fund will be chaired by Ma and will take on specific projects.

Four of the company’s vice chairmen will be involved with each focusing on education, empowering women, entrepreneurship, and environmental protection respectively. Continue reading “Alibaba to invest 10 bln yuan in poverty elimination project” »

Alibaba eyes new offline opportunities

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is expanding into offline retail by acquiring over one-third of the stakes in China’s largest hypermarket chain operator.

The e-commerce giant announced on Monday it would purchase 36.16 percent of Sun Art Retail Group, which has the biggest slice of China’s hypermarket business with a market share of around 15 percent, according to consultancy Euromonitor International.

Continue reading “Alibaba eyes new offline opportunities” »

Alibaba chief creates private school

After spearheading a revolution in e-commerce, the founding father of Alibaba Group, millionaire Jack Ma, is setting his sights on China’s education system by creating a personal bilingual school.

He along with other partners of Alibaba co-founded the Yungu School, or Cloud Valley, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, in which the e-commerce empire is headquartered. The college will span fifteen years of your practice, offering classes from school through senior high school. Continue reading “Alibaba chief creates private school” »