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Texting while driving top cause of road fatalities: police

Texting and receiving calls while driving was found to be the top cause of fatal car accidents in Shanghai, local police said in a statement Thursday.

There were 690 deadly crashes from January to October this year in Shanghai and 29.6 percent, or 204 of them, were the result of drivers’ texting and receiving calls, according to the statement. Continue reading “Texting while driving top cause of road fatalities: police” »

Man was caught stealing on the bus


A man riding to work yesterday morning rush hour, steal, on 85 bus is a warm passenger press down on the ground and on the spot.Since the man self-harm bumping guardrail, after lying on the floor with a dizzy in the past, it was not until yesterday at 5 PM SMW press time, he is still lying in the police station in the working chamber is not willing to.