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Tibet to build, upgrade over 1,900 public toilets

Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region will build or upgrade more than 1,900 public toilets in the next two years, local authorities said Tuesday.

The facilities will be scattered in scenic areas, counties, townships and villages, and built near roads, gas stations and in commercial zones, according to a spokesperson from the local office responsible for the “toilet revolution.”
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Tibet hosts record number of holiday tourists

Tibet saw a record influx of 740,000 tourists during the National Day holiday, said the regional tourism bureau on Wednesday.

From Oct.1 to 7, the region hosted 296,000 overnight tourists and 449,000 one-day travellers. The total number of tourists grew 12.8 percent compared with the same period last year. Tourism revenue hit 337 million yuan ($54.8 million) in the past week.

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